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Statistics show that the divorce rate in Idaho is going up. What does than mean for you? We never want to think that it can happen to us, but given the rate of divorce in Idaho is 51% it makes sense to plan ahead. By planning ahead I don't mean planning your divorce like you would plan your estate to avoid probate. However, as a Boise Divorce Attorney I have seen situations where a little planning could have saved a marriage.

People often approach me as a Boise Divorce Attorney and ask for help with prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements aren't for everyone. People think they are cold and unloving, and an acceptance that a divorce will happen. Whether you agree with creating a plan before you are married to divide property after you get a divorce, is a personal preference and just one plan available to help you avoid the divorce court like you would avoid the probate court with estate planning.

Another planning tool is counseling. People often opt for counseling when things get really bad in their marriage and it is headed for divorce. Counseling can be a valuable tool for marriages and can even sometimes prevent divorce if it isn't used as a band aid measure.

When we get married and decide to have kids the last thing on our minds is who will get custody if we get a divorce. As a Boise Divorce Attorney I often hear that parenting issues fueled the divorce. Many couples disagree on how to raise the kids, who will provide the day to day care and how decisions will be made. This is where a little planning, again like your estate plan to keep you out of probate, can pay off. If possible, before you get married, but at least during the marriage child rearing should be a regular topic of conversation.

Another area, that as a Boise Divorce Attorney, I hear has fueled divorce is finances. How you earn and spend your money can be a point of agreement or a point of contention. Making money a topic of conversation and discussion before spending becomes an issues can go a long way in preventing divorce issues.

Basically, what marriage planning is about is communication. As a Boise Divorce Attorney I would say the biggest factor in divorce that I see is a break down of communication. Preventing this break down through understanding that it can happen and taking an active role to prevent it goes a long way in preventing divorce.

Sometimes, however, divorce and an ensuing custody battle are inevitable. If anytime has been spent during the marriage working on communication, it will aid in the divorce and custody settlement. During a divorce where there are custody issues, judges in Boise will order the parties to mediation. In mediation you are given the opportunity to work out your own custody arrangement in a way that makes sense to you. If you can communicate you will get the best possible custody arrangement for each of you.

If you are seeking a divorce or have custody issues and need to speak to a Boise Divorce Attorney, please call (208)472-2383.


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